1. Building Penalization Scheme (BPS) The Andhra Pradesh Regulation and Penalization of unauthorizedly constructed buildings and buildings constructed in deviation of the Sanctioned Plan Rules, 2015 The scheme is applicable in all 110 Urban Local Bodies including 13 corporations, Urban Development Authorities and Capital Region Development Authority (except Notified Capital City Area villages) of the state. To penalize the buildings constructed unauthorizedly and in deviation to sanctioned plan as on 31.12.2014.

2. Objectives of Present Building Penalization Scheme To penalize every building constructed unauthorisedly or in deviation of the sanctioned plan. To bring all unauthorised constructions into planni ng fold. To provide an opportunity to the owners of the buildings to regulate their unauthorised constructions and deviations or faces tringent enforcement action.

3. Advantages of Building Penalization Scheme (BPS) • The constructed building with deviations to sanctioned plan or totally unauthorised will get formal orders of regulation which will remove the uncertainty and threat of demolition and will get the occupancy certificate which is mandatory as per Municipal Laws. • To bring all the unauthorized constructions into planning fold and to regulate the development in urban areas. • To provide an opportunity to the owners of the buil dings to regulate their unauthorized constructions and deviations made to t he sanctioned plan. • To provide relief to several persons who have purchased buildings without any knowledge about the building regulations.