Government Orders

Andhra Pradesh Single Desk Policy - Industries
G.O.Ms.No.85 G.O.Ms.No.85,Dt.16-06-2016-Single Window
EWS & LIG Housing
G.O.Ms.No.245 G.O.Ms.No.245,Dt.30-6-2012
G.O.Ms.No.196 G.O.Ms.No.196,Dt.10-05-2013
A.P. Building Rules
G.O.Ms.No.541 G.O.Ms.No.541,Dt.17-11-2000
Building Rules Synopsis of Building Rules
G.O.Ms.No.119 G.O.Ms.No.119,Dt.28-03-2017-AP Building Rules-2017
G.O.Ms.No.401 G.O.Ms.No.401,Dt.15-11-2017-AP Building Rules Amendaments
G.O.Ms.No.223 G.O.Ms.No.223,Dt.07-09-2018--AP Building Rules Amendaments
G.O.Ms.No.30 G.O.Ms.No.30,Dt.28-01-2014
G.O.Ms.No.33 G.O.Ms.No.33,Dt.23-02-2015
G.O.Ms.No.156 G.O.Ms.No.156,Dt.23-06-2015
G.O.Ms.No.136 G.O.Ms.No.136,Dt.27-5-2016 - Joint Inspection
G.O.Ms.No.115 G.O.Ms.No.115,Dt.27-03-2017-AP RERA Rules-2017
Building Rules-2017 AP Building Rules-2017 (GO.119 with Amendaments of GO.401 & GO.223)
A.P. Land Development (Layout and Sub-Division) Rules-2017
G.O.Ms.No.275 G.O.Ms.No.275,Dt.18-07-2017
A.P. Building Gram Panchayats Land Development (Layout & Building)
67 M.A 67 M.A, dt.26-02-2002
274 274, dt.12-06-2007
A.P. Rules for Construction & Regulation of Multiplex Complexes - 2007
46 46, dt.10-03-2006
135 135, dt.03-06-2006
486 486, dt.07.07.2007
Payment of City Level Infrastructure Impact Fee
G.O.Ms.No.342 G.O.Ms.No.342,Dt.04-09-2012
Installation New Telecommunication Infrastructure Towers
G.O.Ms.No.146 G.O.Ms.No.146,Dt.19-06-2015
Introduction of grievance redressal mechanism in ULB/UDA
G.O.Ms.No.316 G.O.Ms.No.316,Dt.18-09-2018
1920 Rules levy and collection of Development Charges
G.O.Ms.No.158 G.O.Ms.No.158,Dt.22-03-1996