Call for Suggestions on Master Plan Preparation

Every individual has various questions and needs based on our problems faced in day to day life in our own town and city, no one knows all our problems can be addressed through statutory document called Master Plan and we The Directorate of town and country planning (Family of Planners, Architects, Urban Designers and Engineers) are technical body in preparation of strategies, research, monitoring and execution body of state and central schemes in planning ULB's to manage massive urbanization. we are involved in preparing and implementing various scales of plans like master plan, city development plan, regional plans, Zonal development plans and area development plans, type designs etc., since 19's with the formation of Andhra Pradesh State Town and country planning act 1920.

Out of 110 ULB's in Andhra Pradesh there are 14 municipal corporations, five selection grade municipality,7 Special Grade municipality, 12 First grade municipalities, 26 second grade municipalities,22 third grade municipalities, 24 Nagar panchayats.

The department of Town and Country Planning in the Ministry of Municipal Administration and Urban Development is responsible for preparation of Master Plans. Government have also created 9 Urban Development Authorities, the Statehas Envisioned to prepare Master Plans for all ULBs in the state using GIS Platform, so as to upgrade the entire system with latest technology and have control on hap hazardous Development

Currently for 67 ULBs(Non UDA Towns) GIS based Master Plan preparation has be assigned to various Consultantsto guide the future development and ULBs list is as follow:

Today we are here to give our valuable suggestions for development of our town

What we are expecting from you:

  • what is significance of your ULB
  • Mention the major problems you face daily in your ULBs and wish the problem has to be addressed with immediate effect for example connectivity (transportation) no drainage system , no proper drinking water supply etc.,
  • What kind of development activities you envision in your ULB and in your know view which activity has potential for development.
  • Is there any part of the ULB neglected in the stream of developmental road connectivity or slum redevelopment if yes kindly mention the locality details.
  • Is there any craftsmen, weavers and any other historical significance clusters which has to be taken care if yes please mention.
  • Is there any part (locality/Area) of ULB where you feel development activity has to be freezed and retain its importance/ significance.
  • Finally how you would like to see your ULB in next 20 years.

Other suggestions are also welcomed, kindly mention your ULB name and mail us to

ULBs under GIS based Master Plan Preparation

S.No. Urban Local Bodies Grade
1 Ichapuram 3rd
2 Palakonda NP
3 Palasakasibuga 3rd
4 Bobbilli 2nd
5 Parvathipuram 1st
6 Saluru 2nd
7 Narsipatnam 3rd
8 Tadepalligudem Spl
9 Nidadavolu 2nd
10 Kovvur 3rd
11 Ramchandrapuram 2nd
12 Mandapeta 2nd
13 Mummidivaram NP
14 Amalapuram 1st
15 Yelleswaram NP
16 Eluru M.C
17 Janga Reddy gudem NP
18 Palakollu 1st
19 Bhimavaram Spl
20 Tanuku 1st
21 Narsapuram 1st
22 Tiruvuru NP
23 Pedana 3rd
24 Rayadurg 2nd
25 Kalyandurgam 3rd
26 Madakasira NP
27 kadiri 2nd
28 Atmakur NP
29 Guntakal Selection
30 Gooty 3rd
31 Pamidi NP
32 Tadipatri 1st
33 Jammalamadugu NP
34 Yerraguntla NP
35 Pulivendula 3rd
36 Chittoor M.C
37 Nagari 3rd
38 Madanapalli 1st
39 Pungunur 3rd
40 Palamaneru 3rd
41 Rayachoti 3rd
42 Adoni Spl
43 Yemmiganur 1st
44 Kadapa M.C
45 Allagadda NP
46 Nandikothkur 3rd
47 Proddutur Spl
48 Rajampeta NP
49 Mydhukuru 3rd
50 Badvel 3rd
51 Chilakaluripeta 1st
52 Bapatla 2nd
53 Macherla 2nd
54 Repalle 2nd
55 Chirala 1st
56 Narsaraopet 1st
57 Pidduguralla 2nd
58 Vinukonda 3rd
59 Addanki NP
60 Ongole M.C
61 Chimakurthi NP
62 Markapur 2nd
63 Giddalur NP
64 Atmakur 3rd
65 Venkatagiri 3rd
66 kandhukur 2nd
67 Kanigiri NP