Required Documents

    • Site plan showing the plot measurements, schedule of boundaries, width of abutting roads
    • Topo detailed plan showing the ground details within a radius of 100m
    • Location Plan
    • Layout Plan
  1. Self attested copy of title deed.
  2. Latest Encumbrance Certificate(EC) duly showing all transactions of 13 years
  3. Land Conversion Certificate/ Receipt of intimation of payment under AP Agriculture Land Act 2006.
  4. Indemnity bond to abide the conditions.
  5. Road widening under taking if it is affected in road less than 9m width and MP/ZDP/RDP roads.
  6. NOC from the Defence authority in case the site falling within 500m from the boundary of Defence establishment.
  7. NOC form Airport Authority of India in case the site falls within the Restricted Zone of AAI.